Shimshal Pamir Trek:

This spectacular trek takes us to one of the most remotely inhabited area of the Karakorum. To find Hunza tradition still alive, you need to travel to mist difficult and remote valleys like Shimshal. Our drive take us through all Hunza Valley and the trek leads past rigged mountains through a narrow gorges where opens up at the Shimshal Village, where about 550 families of 2500 of Shimshali people. All of them Ismaili live in the hamlets surrounded by terraced and irrigated fields. Spend a free day for explorations before you out bound trek on the same route.
The courageous and well acclimatized can cross over Chapchingal Pass (5150m) down Kuksel Streem and back to the Karakorum Highway below Khunjerab Pass. This Rewarding trek you to Zardgarbin Pass (4600m) and Shimshal Pass (4735m) and high pasture lands worth visiting.
Day 01: Arrival at Islamabad
Day 02: Drive to Chilas
Day 03: Drive to Passu
Day 04: Drive to Shimshal Village
Day 05: Day free for exploration
Day 06: Trek to Zardgarbin (3800m)
Day 07: Cross Zardgarbin Pass (4600m) and descend to Maidur (3600m)
Day 08-09: Two days for local explorations
Day 10: Return to Zardgarbin
Day 11: Trek to Shimshal
Day 12: Jeep Drive to Pass and drive back to Hunza
Day 13: Free day exploration in Hunza Valley
Day 14: Drive to Gilgit
Day 15: Drive to Besham
Day 16: Drive to Islamabad
Day 17: Fly home.
End of the trip.