Swat & Kalam Bike Tour


Swat is the most beautiful – certainly much greener and more fertile than the valleys further north because it lies with in the monsoon belt. It is also one of the most historically interesting valleys inPakistan. In lower Swat, the valley is wide, the field on either sides of the river are full of wheat andLucerneand the villages are prosperous and surrounded by the fruit trees. In upperSwatValleybecomes more beautiful the higher you go. Malam Jabba a one hour scenic drive located on above 2800m high from the sea level. There is resort boasts a chairlift offering stunning views over the swat valley to the distantKarakorummountains. In winter there are two short ski runs and ice-scatting rink. Miandam is a small summer resort at 1800mup a steep side valley and 56km from Saidu Sharif making an hour drive. Miandam is place for walkers. Paths follow the stream, past houses with beehives set into the walls and good-luck charms whitewashed around the doors. Madyan is tourist resort an on the swat river at 1321m above sea level, it is neither as cool nor as beautiful as Miandam but it is a large town of good hotels. Also there is bazaar with full of antique and modern shawls, traditional embroidery, tribal jewellery, carved wood and antique or reproduced coins are sold along the main street.Bahrainis 10km north of Madyan and only slightly higher at above 1400m. It is another popular riverside tourist resort with bazaar worth exploring for their handicrafts. At Kalam 29km fromBahrainand about 200m above sea level, the valley opens out, providing room of small but fertile plateau above the river. Beyond Kalam the road divides. Dirt roads follow the Ushu and Utrot rivers, both passable in ordinary cars in summer. From Matlitan the road is jeepable almost toMahodandLake; the lake of fishing. Though the walking and fishing are excellent.
Day 01: Arrival atIslamabadinternational airportand transfer to hotel.
Day 02: Biking to Taxila and visit Taxila (Archeological sites).
Day 03: Cycling and driving over Malakand pass to lower Swat.
Day 04: Cycling around Saidu Sharif and Mangora Bazaar.
Day 05: Cycling to Malam Jabba and going up to hill station by chairlift.
Day 06: Drive and biking toBahrain.
Day 07: Cycling to Kalam, local visit include kalam jungle, river side.
Day 08: Drive and biking to Lower Swat.
Day 09: Drive toIslamabad.
Day 10: Fly back.
2: Silk Route Mountain Biking Tour:
Silk Route Bike Tour

Silk Route Bike Tour (Pakistan–China)
Pakistan – a new nation and ancient land, Xinjiang – the age-old cradle of Central Asian Civilization. Between these two territories lies the most exciting stretch of the fabled Silk Route. This is a legacy of unparalleled treasures meant for adventurous tourists. Since the days of Marco Polo, conquerors and travelers have embarked on this arduous journey on foot, on horse back or on camels. Today, there are modern means; carpeted/paved roads and air-conditioned luxury transport, good quality hotels and all those facilities that a traveler, away from home requires. And this is why, tour operators the world over are selling Silk Route tour packages featuringPakistan and autonomous region of Xinjiang, China. Your Silk Route Tour awaits you-be it for eight days fifteen days, twenty days or even twenty-one days.

Day 01: Arrival atIslamabadinternational airport, transfer to hotel
Day 02: Biking/driving to Besham, en route stops for photography, toilet and lunch break.
Day 03: Drive to Gilgit, en route stop at the view point of world highest mountain ranges.
Day 04: Biking to Minaping at bottom of Rakaposhi peak.
Day 05: Biking to Karimabad, Hunza
Day 06: Full day local exploration by bikes
Day 07: Biking to Gulmit.
Day 08: Biking to Sost.
Day Biking/driving to Tashgurgan while crossing Khunjerab Pass (border betweenPakistan&China).
Day Biking to KarakoleLake.
Day 09: Biking to Kashgar, end of services.
3: Deosai Skardu Cycle Tour:
Deosai Plains Bike Tour

Deosai Plains By cycle Tour
The most remarkable bike trip in the world, Bike Hunza, takes one through an area said to be the inspiration behind James Hilton's "Shangri-La," Hunza. This bike trip traverses the complete length of the incredible valley of Hunza by way of theKarakoram Highway. The Karakoram Highway connects Pakistan with China and is considered an engineering feat as it winds through the narrow gorges of this remote mountain kingdom. Completed in the late 1970s, this famous highway follows the old silk route, entering China at the Khunjerab Pass (4833 m.) where our ride begins. To arrive at our starting point (Khunjerab Pass) we fly (weather permitting) from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, to Gilgit at 1454 m. Jeeps to the top of Khunjerab Pass then transport us in two days with an overnight hotel stay at Gulmit or Sost. From the crest of the pass, our downhill bicycle journey takes us to Gulmit in three easy five-hour days. At Gulmit a rest day is scheduled. This provides time for a day hike into the depths of this stunning valley. Karimabad, the capital of Hunza, is our next destination. Here one can do some rugged mountain biking in the nearby glacial valley called Hopar. The last leg of our tour consists of a two day ride to Gilgit with an excursion to Nalter. The stupendous wall of Rakaposhi rises from the bed of the Hunza River, past the Karakoram Highwaywith a 6000 m. gain; honoring it as the steepest place on our planet. With the sight of Rakaposhi rich on our minds, we roll into Gilgit and either fly or drive back to Islamabad.
Bicycling on the winding roads of the Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindukush valleys would heighten your experience as you will have an occasion of a tidies uphill paddling and then abruptly ride downhill, passing through alpine forests, open valleys, along the rivers and lakes and lush meadows. Meet friendly people on the way as you may be offered with a local taste of tea and perhaps food. We can arrange your bicycle tour with a van to follow you so that you may at any time climb aboard the vehicle in case you are tired or the weather disallow you to continue bicycling. This trek is for real mountain bike freaks, physically well prepared people! Experience in mountain biking is a must.
Day 01: Arrival at Islamabad International airport and transfer to hotel.
Day 02: Drive to Chilas over night in hotel.
Day 03: Drive to Skardu over night in hotel.
Day 04: Bike to Chutrang (hot water spring) in Shigar over night in camp.
Day 05: Free day at Chutrang over night in Camp.
Day 06: Bike to Skardu over night in hotel.
Day 07: Sight in Skardu on Bike. Over night in hotel.
Day 08: Bike to Shungus over night in camp.
Day 09: Bike to Gilgit over night in hotel.
Day 10: Explore Gilgit on Bike.
Day 11: Bike to Minapin over night in hotel.
Day 12: Bike to Karimabad Hunza over night in hotel.
Day 13: Sightseeing in Karimabad Hunza over night in hotel.
Day 14: Bike to Passu over night in hotel.
Day 15: Bike to Sost over night in hotel.
Day 16: Bike to Kuksil over night in camp.
Day 17: Bike to Khunjerab pass and return to Sost over night in hotel.
Day 18: Drive to Gilgit over night in hotel.
Day 19: Drive to Besham over night in hotel.
Day 20: Drive to Islamabad over night in hotel.
Day 21: Transfer to Islamabad for fly back.
4: Naran Kaghan Mountain Biking Tour:
Naran & Kaghan Bike Tour

The Kaghan valley was the old summer route to the northern areas (modern name Gilgit-Baltistan) before the advent of the all-weatherKarakorum Highway. It is over 160km long and climb from about 900m at its mouth to 4173m at theBabusarPass, and than toKarakorum Highwayat Chilas. The narrow,KaghanValleyis terraced from river to hilltop and clothed in forest of huge Himalayan pine. Just on the edge of the monsoon belt, it is wet enough for cultivation without irrigation. There is no Kaghan river, theKunharRivernot be confused with theKunarRiverin Chiral flows the full length of the valley to join the Jehlum and Muzaffarabad. Balakot, the gateway to theKaghanValley. Naran the main tourist center in the valley, is 82km from Balakot. At 2427m above sea level and furnished with many hotels, this is the most popular place to stay. Being a green valley, like murree and swat, it is extremely crowded with local and foreign tourists. The best season start from April to mid of December. Cycling, fishing and walking are the main attractions, in addition to scenic side trips to Shogran,LalusarLake, Lazaar Plateau,SaifulMalukLakeandAnsuLake. From Naran, one can extend toward the high mountains of the world to further north overbabusarPass.
Day 01: Arrival atIslamabadand transfer to hotel.
Day 02: Driving and cycling to Abottabad.
Day 03: Biking to Balakot.
Day 04: Biking to Shogran
Day 05: Biking to Naran
Day 06: Biking to Lake Saiful Maluk, Lalazaar Plateau andLalusarLake.
Day 07: Drive and cycling toIslamabad.
Day 08: Fly Back.
5: Karakoram Mountain Biking Tour:
Kkh Bike Tour

world"Karakorum Highwayor KKH. This 1,300 kilometers-long engineering miracle links the Pakistani Capital Islamabad with Kashgar, one of the China's legendary Central Asian cities. Literally blasted out of rock in places, this road never falls to impress. Yet a journey along the KKH is not just about scenery, as spectacular as the views are. Former independent kingdom, the very inspiration of popular myths such as James Hilton's Shangri-La, are now belonging to come to terms with 20th century, welcoming visitors to their one isolated mountains fastnesses, whilst still retaining their ancient charm. The spectacular Sunday Market at Kashgar meanwhile provide as unforgettable fest for senses, and for many people is in the itself reason enough to undertake a journey along the KKH
Day 01: Arrival atIslamabadinternational airport, transfer to hotel for O/N stay.
Day 02: Drive by coaster/HiaceToyotavan to Besham.
Day 03: Drive by coaster/Toyota Hiace van to Gilgit. O/N stay at hotel.
Day 04: Biking in the Gilgit town. O/N stay at hotel.
Day 05: Biking to Rakaposhi view point. O/N stay at Guest house/Hotel.
Day 06: Biking to Karimabad (Hunza). O/N stay at hotel
Day 07: Full day excursion of Hunza valley. O/N stay at same hotel.
Day 08: Biking to Hopar and walk on Hopar Glacier. O/N stay at hotel.
Day 09: Biking to Gulmit (Upper Hunza)/ O/N stay at hotel.
Day 10: Biking to Passu. O/N stay at hotel.
Day 11: Biking to Sost. O/N stay at hotel.
Day 12: Full day biking to world highest borderKhunjerabPass(4733m). O/N stay at hotel.
Day 13: Biking back to Gulmit. O/N stay at hotel.
Day 14: Biking to Hunza. O/N stay at hotel.
Day 15: Biking to Gilgit. O/N stay at hotel.
Day 16: Drive by coaster/Toyota Hiace van to Besham. O/N stay at hotel.
Day 17: Drive toIslamabad. O/N stay at hotel.
Day 18: Fly bac
Much ofPakistan's mountains splendors have been opened up to the outside world by the construction of the "8th wonder of thk.
6: Karakoram, Himalaya & Hindukush Biking Tour:
Karakoram, Himalaya & Hindukush Biking

There are plenty of opportunities for cross Country Mountain bicycling in all the mountain ranges of the country. However, due to higher temperatures in the mountains except for the Northern Pakistan, this sport can only be undertaken during the winters. The smooth lower hills of Swat, Azad Kashmir, and Galliyat provide adequate opportunities for mountain bikers.
A tour of northern mountain region on bikes is a thrilling adventure. You can choose to drive on KKH, a visit to Hunza Valley, or pass through alpine valley of Kaghan, the scenery is catching and rewarding making your adventure a life time memory. The mountainous valley of Kaghan offers excellent mountain biking opportunities. Biking trips from Mansehra to Balakot(50 km), from Balakot to Shogran (30 km), from Shogran to Kaghan (40 km), Kaghan to Naran (26 km), Naran to Burawai (30 km), from Burawai to Lake Lulusar (25 km), downhill from Fairy Meadows to Raikot Bridge (21 km) and from Babusar village to Chilas (40 km) are some enthralling biking trips carefully suited to the needs and tastes of mountain biking adventuress.
Day 01: Arrival at Islamabad International airport and transfer to hotel.
Day 02: Drive to Chitral by coach.
Day 03: Biking in the bazaar of Chitral with include shahi mosque.
Day 04: Cycling to Bamburat, Kalash, afternoon visit open graveyard and typical Kalashi houses.
Day 05: Biking to Booni.
Day 06: Biking to Mastuj
Day 07: Biking to Phandar overShandurPass
Day 08: Biking to Gilgit
Day 09: Biking to Karimabad, Hunza.
Day 10: Full day local exploration by bike.
Day 11: Biking to Sost.
Day 12: Biking/driving to world highest international border (Pakistan&China).
Day 13: Biking to Gilgit
Day 14: Biking to Skardu
Day 15: Local explorations by bike
Day 16: Biking over Deosai Plains to Rama
Day 17: Biking to Chilas
Day 18: Drive toIslamabad.
Day 19: Rest day/city tour ofIslamabad.
Day 20: Fly Back.