Heli safari is the roof of the World. A great opportunity, for those who have limited time but still like to have a bird's eye view of thePakistan'sNorthern Paradise. All these safaris begin fromIslamabadand Skardu. We use Mi17 (24 passenger) and ALT-II (5 passenger helicopter for these heli-safaris.
Fairy Meadows – the last mountain wilderness of the Himalaya, lying under the shadow ofNanga Parbat(8,126m), wait for you to explore by helicopter.
Trango Towers – it is a freestanding shaft culminating in the Trango Groups, located on the left of the Baltoro Glacier. It is the highest granite tower and considered to be finest rock pinnacle in the world.
Concordia- the chaotic jumble of ice and rocks looks like amphitheater rimmed by ice-streams descending from four highest mountains ofKarakorum(K2,Gasherbrum-I, Gasherbrum-II and Gasherbrum-IV). The point rest on the junction of two great glacier – Baltoro and Godwin Austin. Being at Concordia means to be face to face with k2 (8,611m), real soul stirring experience.
Kalash tribes and ChitralValley– Chitral, n area which was focus of the "Great Games" at the turn of the 19th Century, is a land of ancient forts, rivers, spring and unique culture. The valleys of Birir, Rambur and Bamburat are the home of the only pagan tribe – Kalash, 'the wearers of black robes'.
i) Islamabad–BabusarPass– Fairy Meadows – Skardu
ii) Skardu – Baltoro –TrangoTowers– Concordia, k2 – Skardu – Gilgit.
iii) Gilgit –Karakorum Highway–Islamabad.
i) Islamabad–BabusarPass– Fairy Meadows – Skardu
ii) Skardu – Bltoro –TrangoTowers– Concordia, k2 – Skardu – Gilgit
iii) Gilgit –PhandarLake–ShandurPass– Chitral.
iv) Chitral –KalashValley–LowariPass–Islamabad.
i) Islamabad–BabusarPass– Fairy Meadows – Skardu
ii) Skardu – Baltoro – Biafo Hispar – Hunza –KhunejrabPass– Giglit
iii) Gilgit –PhandarLake–ShandurPass– Chitral
iv) Chitral –KalashValley–Lowari Pass–Islamabad.